Sully – Brand New Featurette!

Tom Hanks is the world’s greatest actor. You’ll have to be so isolated not to have watched at least one of his films. He is certainly a top tier actor who is also sweet, lovely, and awesome! Now he returns in Clint Eastwood’s biopic Sully! Tom Hanks plays pilot Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger. For Sully, January 15th would be no ordinary day as both of his engines … Continue reading Sully – Brand New Featurette!


Steve McQueen is awarded BFI Fellowship!

Steve McQueen is our best director. Having crafted such spectacular movies such as Shame, Hunger, and the Academy Award winning 12 Years a Slave. He is able to get to the sheer humanity of horrific and – sometimes – unheard of stories that imbue us with emotions. So naturally, he needs all the awards ever and now he has been named a BFI Fellow! The … Continue reading Steve McQueen is awarded BFI Fellowship!


Bad Moms – Review

Everyone believes they’ll be a fantastic mum. You know the kind of mother: Miss Honey from Matilda levels of perfection. Free, giving, and loving whilst producing smart, polite, and beautiful children without any influence of the world around you (and none from your own mum too.) The harsh reality is that parenting is hard. Looking after sprog and trying to cultivate them into the next … Continue reading Bad Moms – Review


6 Amazing Cinema Scenes

Who doesn’t love going to the cinema? Immersing yourself into the darkness, surrounded by strangers in (hopefully,) comfy seats as your favourite actors tell stories on screens bigger than your humdrum television. There are few times where your concentration is completely centred on the escape into the world of films and the cinema is one of them as you have complete (and hopeful) silence (and … Continue reading 6 Amazing Cinema Scenes



Film trilogies have varying results. I usually find that unless you have conceived three movies and the continuous story ahead of time, then somehow the end result will fall flat. It’s mainly because you are trying to connect too many different elements that have been left behind as you’ve aged. It’s especially troublesome when you have closed a sequel in the most perfect way, only … Continue reading BrOTHERHOOD – Review