The Red Turtle – Brand New Trailer!

There’s something about the simplicity of animation that allows you to tell deep, moving stories without compromising on the production value or nuances of the script. This is most certainly the case with The Red Turtle, a movie co-produced by the much-vaunted Studio Ghibli. The trailer has a very simple art style, but carries a rich colour palette, which it puts to powerful use to … Continue reading The Red Turtle – Brand New Trailer!

Only Yesterday – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Where does the magic begin with such a studio as Ghibli? Is it the wonderfully heartwarming fuzzy thing that is Totoro, the incredibly emotional Grave of the Fireflies, or the charming Baron in The Cat Returns? Could it simply be that this Studio is so unique, that whatever they touch instantly turns into a masterpiece of a journey? A piece of artistry that restores all … Continue reading Only Yesterday – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

We Talk Movies On Podcasts: Episode 1

When Marnie Was There with these Nice Guys, a Preacher and their Boss! Greetings wanderer of the audio wasteland, you look weary. Why not sit awhile, put your feet up and indulge yourself in our first foray into the world of podcasts! Indeed, we here at We Make Movies on Weekends decided that it wasn’t enough to just make films and write about them, no! … Continue reading We Talk Movies On Podcasts: Episode 1

The Ultimate Studio Ghibli Countdown

Studio Ghibli have taken a bow. The Japanese animation studios is bidding us farewell with When Marnie Was There, (which is out in cinemas now). Though we hope this isn’t forever parting, the sad news that our yearly dose of evocative, beautiful, and yearning films have ceased to be has glazed our eyeballs with an undeniable sorrow. For decades, we have been immersed in their … Continue reading The Ultimate Studio Ghibli Countdown

Studio Ghibli – Exclusive ‘Movies in Color’ Palettes

A studio like Ghibli is timeless. It is forever. Its films capture your imagination, your childish woes and simply your soul. With the upcoming release of what could be the Studios final production – When Marnie was There, to celebrate the retrospective season of Studio Ghibli forever, StudioCanal are pleased to announce not one, not two but seven exclusive images by Roxy Radulescu of Movies … Continue reading Studio Ghibli – Exclusive ‘Movies in Color’ Palettes

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Review

Studio Ghibli have been one of the biggest animation studios of all time. The Japanese rival to Disney have been creating such phenomenal films and movies since they started in 1985, over thirty years ago. So in honour of that, they are releasing a whole new season to celebrate their movies! Studio Ghibli Forever is a season of movies from the powerhouse studio including the … Continue reading Kiki’s Delivery Service – Review