Nerve – Review

We live in an internet heavy world right now. It’s impossible not to note this. Despite the sheer volume of folks on t’interwebs, there are a few detractors who feel people are replacing human contact with computers.  At least, that’s what the comments on Youtube videos say. People are angry that (mostly) youths (or affectionately labelled millennials) keep their noses on the illuminating screens, with … Continue reading Nerve – Review

Nerve – “Cheer” Clip

There are surprising movies getting great reviews. It seems that we need to look towards the originally disconcerting film to get our hands on some brilliance because blockbusters don’t seem to be cutting it right now! Nerve is one that could be completely fantastic. Nerve revolves around a young girl named Vee who is encouraged to live a little and play the titular game. After scooping up … Continue reading Nerve – “Cheer” Clip