Film Fatigue: Are you tired of the movie industry?

Coming out of a big blockbuster release (title held back for anonymity), an odd despondency fell over me. Unlike the rage induced conversations that made me foam at the mouth with Batman v Superman or the childlike glee that broiled inside me after Civil War, I felt – well – nothing. Likewise, the lead up to the film denoted nothing of interest and excitement, and … Continue reading Film Fatigue: Are you tired of the movie industry?


The Nice Guys – “Question the Mermaids” Clip

If there is one film you have to watch this weekend, it’s The Nice Guys. Make sure you catch the brilliant noir comedy in cinemas because there hasn’t been a comedy quite like this one this year, and you’ll have a treat enjoying Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe’s chemistry. When an old and wealthy woman confuses a young girl with her porn star niece Misty … Continue reading The Nice Guys – “Question the Mermaids” Clip


Independence Day: Resurgence – “War” Clip

Huh. War….Yeaaaahhh. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing? Here is the second clip from the upcoming space caper, it seems War may be quite useful for intergalactic space invasions. Independence Day: Resurgence is set twenty years after the events of the first film and humanity have armed themselves with the alien technology from before. Happily safe, it all goes wrong when BAMN aliens happen again. … Continue reading Independence Day: Resurgence – “War” Clip

hateful eight quad poster

The Hateful Eight – Review: A Change in the Air for Tarantino?

You can almost feel a change in the air when a Tarantino film is on the horizon. With the landmark director taking a few years between each of his projects. the release of a film seems to set audiences’ senses buzzing. From his first release of (arguably) the greatest independent movie ever made Reservoir Dogs to his genre mash-up ‘Southern’ Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino knows how to intrigue his … Continue reading The Hateful Eight – Review: A Change in the Air for Tarantino?


Warcraft: The Beginning – Review

The parade of the video game adaptations marches ever onward, with the third addition this year out in cinemas today. Warcraft takes on Blizzard’s ever popular franchise and adapts one of its novels to the big screen, looking at the rise of the Orcish Horde, and the humans response to their invasion. The film is headed by a truly fantastic cast, Travis Fimmel takes on … Continue reading Warcraft: The Beginning – Review

moonwalkers banner

Moonwalkers – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Since the end of Harry Potter, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have had a lucrative career and have had some acclaimed movies or television series under their wand holsters. Rupert Grint, the third in the trio, has a somewhat limited range with a few independent films and an Ed Sheeran video in his post-Hogwarts career as well as owning his very own ice cream … Continue reading Moonwalkers – DVD and Blu-Ray Review