To the Bone – Review

To the Bone is directed by Marti Noxon and stars Lily Collins as Ellen, a 20 year old college drop out suffering with anorexia. She reluctantly agrees to take part in an inpatient program, lead by an unconventional doctor (Keanu Reeves), and housed with five others all suffering the same issues. Now before I go any further with this review, I think it’s important to … Continue reading To the Bone – Review

The Weekend Binge – Luke Cage

It’s safe to say that we are nearing a time when we will soon be crushed under the onslaught of comic book adaptations. It’s a shame, as some of the most enjoyable films in recent years have displayed one or more characters with powers, but we’ve also seen tireless retreads of dark, gritty films wherein the heroes must battle with their inner turmoil over whether … Continue reading The Weekend Binge – Luke Cage

The Weekend Binge – GLOW

Way back in the formative years of my youth, I had a friend who loved to watch wrestling, if it wasn’t on, we’d end up playing the WWF licensed video games ad infinitum until the “real thing” started on TV. In all that time I never understood the appeal of the franchise, it wasn’t until I watched GLOW on Netflix that I began to understand … Continue reading The Weekend Binge – GLOW

Icarus – Brand New Trailer!

The Russian Doping Scandal will be one of the most notorious sporting debacles that will go down in history. The revelations of just how long and how widespread the affair was is still having impacting sports to this day, and likely will continue on for the foreseeable future. This latest documentary by Netflix delves into the depths of whistleblowers, and cover ups that followed the … Continue reading Icarus – Brand New Trailer!

Okja – Review

Netflix can be pretty awesome sometimes. When it’s not providing us Brits with TV series and films that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to find elsewhere without breaking certain lawsw, it instead provides us with some absolutely cracking original content. TV series such as Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things keep us glued to our screens over a weekend, whilst some ofits original … Continue reading Okja – Review

The Incredible Jessica James – Brand New Trailer!

When you make a TV series that is popular, you strive to make sure you milk it for all its worth. Hence the reason why Jessica Jones received a completely unrelated, yet similarly titled spin-off called The Incredible Jessica James. I’m kidding, of course, but you can’t deny the title characters of these two shows have names that don’t sit too far apart in the … Continue reading The Incredible Jessica James – Brand New Trailer!