Luke Cage – Series Overview

It’s safe to say that we are nearing a time when we will soon be crushed under the onslaught of comic book adaptations. It’s a shame, as some of the most enjoyable films in recent years have displayed one or more characters with powers, but we’ve also seen tireless retreads of dark, gritty films wherein the heroes must battle with their inner turmoil over whether … Continue reading Luke Cage – Series Overview


Luke Cage: The Moment of Truth – Review

Once again, Marvel have begun a new venture in their cinematic universe. Luke Cage is the third of five Netflix exclusive series that are being produced, with Daredevil and Jessica Jones paving the way previously, and Iron Fist and The Defenders seeing us out the other side. With such strong pedigree from its predecessors and lots of hope for the future, Luke Cage certainly has … Continue reading Luke Cage: The Moment of Truth – Review


ARQ – Brand New Trailer!

What constitutes a good time travel movie is much like that of a temporal wanderer’s affect on the past, constantly changing, but no one’s ever entirely certain how or why. Such is the case with the latest trailer for Netflix’s ARQ, a film featuring Robbie Amell and Rachael Taylor trapped in a closed-loop as they attempt to defend themselves from masked attackers. In a lot … Continue reading ARQ – Brand New Trailer!


Audrie & Daisy – Brand New Trailer!

This is perhaps the hardest trailer you are going to watch all year. Particularly with some of the outspoken voices in this poignant and astute documentary. Audrie & Daisy revolves around the titular High School girls in different towns and schools who attend different parties that, unfortunately, end in the same way: Both girls are sexually assaulted. The fallout from the crimes mirror each other … Continue reading Audrie & Daisy – Brand New Trailer!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Why We Love Nancy Wheeler

(Warning: There are spoilers.) Stranger Things has been a cultural phenomenon. Very rarely does television reach pique epicness where everyone you know is still talking about the show, even a month after its release date. The commercial and critical success has pleased most, if not all, audiences and we’re frothing at the mouth just speaking about it – like an Upside Down worm of excitement … Continue reading Stranger Things: Why We Love Nancy Wheeler