Aquarius – Review

The log line of Aquarius is ‘a widowed music critic makes unpleasant discoveries when she pits herself against a developer who wants to move her out of an otherwise empty apartment block in Recife, Brazil’. This doesn’t really do justice to the film, which I must warn you, has a leisurely pace and runs at 146 minutes. Not that this reviewer minded – you drink good wines slowly, savouring every drop. Continue reading Aquarius – Review

The Lost City of Z – Review

There was a time where explorers were mighty men. Just thinking about the word “explorers” you can imagine men wearing breeches with magnificent moustaches and glorious khakis. Discoveries and exploring still exist but are perhaps less celebrated than they were in a by-gone era where we knew little about the whole world. The Lost City of Z looks back at that era by noting the … Continue reading The Lost City of Z – Review

Another Mother’s Son – Review

Some would argue World War II has been done to death on the silver screen. Yet, Another Mother’s Son is a tad different from the norm. At the forefront this is a fascinating, eye-opening and at times terrifying narrative exploring a part of history that all should be subjected to in order to learn from. Director Chris Menaul takes on this based on true events … Continue reading Another Mother’s Son – Review

The Fits – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

The human mind is interesting, especially when it comes to mass hysteria. The shared experience of imaginary threats that develop into physical convulsions, and fainting is unusual and has happened for centuries. Often seen in the Salem Witch Trials, there have been 31 different periods of this phenomenon that range through different genders, ages, and religious sects and could be anything from biting to laughter. … Continue reading The Fits – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Beauty and the Beast – Review

Disney are on fire with their live action remakes; Cinderella was a huge success and a big improvement over the animated original, The Jungle Book dazzled audiences with it’s great cast and even better visuals, and Pete’s Dragon…Well, I didn’t see Pete’s Dragon, but for the sake of this opening statement, it was good. Now, we have the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast brought … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast – Review

Arrival – Review

by Ren Zelen, The success of Sicario (2015) has created interest in Canadian Director Denis Villeneuve’s body of work (Incendies 2010, Prisoners 2013, Enemy 2013) and a desire to see how he will tackle the science fiction genre in his latest feature Arrival, particularly so since he was absent from its premiere at the London Film Festival and busy shooting Blade Runner 2049, the sequel … Continue reading Arrival – Review