My Name is Lenny – Brand New Trailer!

There’s something about the East End of London that draws the more exciting stories of the UK’s criminal underworld, especially when the subject being discussed can be linked to the Kray Twins and Charles Bronson. The traditional gentlemanly image of London’s more notorious ne’er-do-wells is undercut by the ferocious violence that would get meted out on anyone who crossed them. My Name is Lenny takes … Continue reading My Name is Lenny – Brand New Trailer!

Alien: Covenant – Incoming Transmissions!

Whenever you go away for a long time, it’s always nice to check in with your family and friends back home. If only so they know you’re safe, and haven’t been forced into becoming a drug mule in order to pay off your gambling debts. That’s the same idea that the crew of the Covenant had. Below you’ll find some short messages from three of … Continue reading Alien: Covenant – Incoming Transmissions!

Alien: Covenant – “The Crossing” Clip

Ah Prometheus. When you were first announced, we were all so hopeful, but then you came and most people responded with a resounding shrug, so you went away and licked your wounds. Hoping that one day, you might find some redemption. If the latest clip to be released in order to hype the upcoming Alien: Covenant is to be believed, Prometheus has found its sought … Continue reading Alien: Covenant – “The Crossing” Clip

La Strada – Brand New Trailer!

Federico Fellini is a much celebrated director, known for the combination of fantasy and social commentary. He crafted one of the much beloved movies with 81/2. Now his work is being re-celebrated, thanks to the release of 1954’s La Strada The film revolves around outsiders. Gelsomina is a young woman who is sold to strongman Zampano to be both his wife and performance assistant. Zampanò … Continue reading La Strada – Brand New Trailer!