Aquarius – Review

The log line of Aquarius is ‘a widowed music critic makes unpleasant discoveries when she pits herself against a developer who wants to move her out of an otherwise empty apartment block in Recife, Brazil’. This doesn’t really do justice to the film, which I must warn you, has a leisurely pace and runs at 146 minutes. Not that this reviewer minded – you drink good wines slowly, savouring every drop. Continue reading Aquarius – Review

The Olive Tree – Review

by Jamie Garwood Iciar Bollain, the acclaimed director from Spain, returns with a poignant story about a determined young woman on a journey. With a screenplay written  by her partner Paul Laverty (Sweet Sixteen, The Wind that Shakes the Barley); El Olive (The Olive Tree) tells the story of tenacious Alma (Anna Castillo) who embarks on a journey from her home town near Valencia on … Continue reading The Olive Tree – Review

Free Fire – Review!

The Mexican Standoff is a tried and tested storytelling trope; it’s a great way to build tension while maintaining the dialogue necessary to give exposition to the story. Normally, the standoff lasts for a short while before someone shoots or chickens out, leaving the other parties to complete their task. But can you keep the tension and other elements of this storytelling technique and translate … Continue reading Free Fire – Review!

Catfight – Review

It’s amazing how time can change so much. The people we consider our friends one day could easily become barely an acquaintance in a matter of years for all sorts of reasons. This is particularly the case with people we meet at school and at university. As we grow up into the adults we become, we begin to associate more with people who we share … Continue reading Catfight – Review

Elle – Review

The opening scene of Elle throws you right into the disturbing chaos. Our lead character is raped by an intruder in her home leaving her bloodied and abused. As he leaves, she calmly collects herself, picks up the broken dishes, bathes, and wakes up the next day, carrying on relatively normal. Instantly, Paul Verhoeven’s work is already disturbing. Not because the character reacts to the … Continue reading Elle – Review