The Autopsy Of Jane Doe – Review

Part CSI mystery, part supernatural anomaly, this film is a riot from start to finish. It’s a creation from the mind of Andre Ovredal, the director who brought us Trollhunter back in 2010, and something about it feels different than other horror films out there at the moment, breaking the horror mould a little. Shot almost entirely in one location, it’s the story of a … Continue reading The Autopsy Of Jane Doe – Review

In This Corner of the World – Review

Anime is becoming a regular feature in a cinema-goers life. Thanks to the work of the acclaimed Studio Ghibli, anime is no longer confined to a subculture of fans or film-lovers, instead developing into the mainstream whilst we all sit in glee. The splendid illustrated films from overseas fill our lives with sublime hand-drawn tales that are joyful, poignant, and unique stories. Occasionally, you’ll get … Continue reading In This Corner of the World – Review

Chubby Funny – East End Film Festival Review

There is an art to crafting an unlikable character for your film. There are different facets of their existence in cinema and I do believe we’re over-saturated with the anti-protagonist. Especially if they are white men. Arrogant, lazy, or brutish, these characters flounce onto our screen and, somehow, we end up loving them with all our being. The key is to give a quality beyond … Continue reading Chubby Funny – East End Film Festival Review

Transformers: The Last Knight – Review

I know, I know. Michael Bay has taken your childhood and destroyed it or whatever… But actually, if you’re reading this review, you probably have an open mind. You may even like cool things like car chases, explosions, and giant machines fighting each other. If that’s you, hello and welcome to my review of the fifth Transformers film – The Last Knight! I remember watching … Continue reading Transformers: The Last Knight – Review

Paa Joe and the Lion – East End Film Festival Review

The connotations of a coffin in Western culture are negative ones. A place to lay the dead and something associated with tragedy and loss. In many Eastern and older cultures coffins, and indeed death, are handled and viewed differently. Although someone’s passing is still tragic, their death is treated as a step in a new journey. A funeral is more of a festival to celebrate … Continue reading Paa Joe and the Lion – East End Film Festival Review

Baby Driver – Review

by Ren Zelen It’s becoming easy to recognise a film by Edgar Wright – there are trademark aspects: a sense of wit, sharp editing, and a rousing soundtrack. Baby Driver, Wright’s first-ever solo screenplay, offers a premise that is a cinematic convention, but told in a wholly energising and original way. The action-movie potential of the virtuoso driver is hardly a new concept. It’s a … Continue reading Baby Driver – Review