Manchester by the Sea – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Some films don’t want to sugarcoat things. They don’t want to be melodramatic, over the top, optimistic or entertaining. They just want to be honest, and they want to be brutal. They want you to hurt. And if they achieve all of that, they can be unforgettable. Manchester by the Sea is one of those films, and it may be one of the best films … Continue reading Manchester by the Sea – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

The Pass – DVD Review

There are plenty of movies out there based on a play. One could say too many. After all, after books, the theatre seems to be the most pillaged Hollywood commodity. If you’re lucky, an extremely popular play will be produced repeatedly for the big and small screen. There are many times that this is an eased transition. Take Moonlight, for example. Though the play was … Continue reading The Pass – DVD Review

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

It’s been said a hundred times by now, but it truly is an amazing time to be a Star Wars fan; a new film every year, consistently great TV shows, books and video games, endless amounts of toys and the sheer prospect of this already beloved universe expanding further and further. Audiences were blown away by The Force Awakens, and we wait in anticipation for … Continue reading Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Swiss Army Man – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Despite some people (myself included) claiming otherwise, we all need some form of emotional support around us in order to continue functioning as human beings. It is these close bonds that help keep us sane and give us meaning to continue with our daily lives. But what happens if you’re stranded somewhere and can’t find solace in your fellow man? You’ll turn to whatever you … Continue reading Swiss Army Man – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Moana – DVD and Blu-Ray review

For so many people, Disney was the company that shaped their childhoods; we look back fondly on their animated classics and live action adventures and remember our younger years being completely infatuated with these iconic tales. We all have that nostalgia hit, but Disney is still shaping childhoods as we speak – Star Wars is alive and well and open to new generations with new … Continue reading Moana – DVD and Blu-Ray review

Looking Back: Kill List (2011)

(Warning: Nudity pictures) To celebrate the release of Free Fire, we’re looking back at the work of Ben Wheatley! First of is the much celebrated but Dan Bowers panned Kill List! The best horror movies are those that leave the audience in the dark, for the most part. Only giving them snippets and clues as a puzzle to piece together until the grand reveal, a … Continue reading Looking Back: Kill List (2011)