The Fits – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

The human mind is interesting, especially when it comes to mass hysteria. The shared experience of imaginary threats that develop into physical convulsions, and fainting is unusual and has happened for centuries. Often seen in the Salem Witch Trials, there have been 31 different periods of this phenomenon that range through different genders, ages, and religious sects and could be anything from biting to laughter. … Continue reading The Fits – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Looking Back: Under the Skin (2013)

by Cookie N Screen Highbrow and art-house cinema have spent a long time trying to find the balance between style and substance. A lot of them, it is safe to say, fall into the former, abandoning the depth of a story for pretty images in an attempt to stir the audience. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing because sometimes thought-provoking artwork can be outstanding, leaving … Continue reading Looking Back: Under the Skin (2013)

We Are The Flesh – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Subversive horror movie-making is that dark heart of cinema that is buried deep beneath the skin of audiences. From Louis Brunel and Salvador Dali’s Un Chien Andalou to recent Nicolas Winding Refn experimenta The Neon Demon, the weird and sickening have supplied a visceral exerpeince for audience on screen. Many audiences flock to them willingly, wishing to be transformed like the narratives on the big … Continue reading We Are The Flesh – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Looking Back: Sightseers (2013)

To celebrate the release of Prevenge, we’re taking a look back at one of Alice Lowe’s break out cinematic roles in Sightseers. It was my mother who phoned me up to suggest this movie. My mother. Or “Mrs Poppers Penguin’s” as I like to call her. That should be a hint at the kind of movies my mother enjoys watching. So when she phoned me … Continue reading Looking Back: Sightseers (2013)

The Girl on the Train – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

When the nominations for the BAFTA’s Best Leading Actress came out, there was something amiss. Not only was Isabelle Huppert’s monumental performance in Elle missing due to date cut-offs (another argument for another time) but, in place of her acting tour-de-force, was Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins and Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train. Now, we’re not saying that these ladies didn’t … Continue reading The Girl on the Train – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Rings – Review

by Ren Zelen  In Rings we have the long anticipated sequel to Ring, the English language remake of the hugely successful Japanese horror Ringu. We also have a kind of Samara origin story, but this storyline seems to be less a labour of love, and instead, rather laboured. Rings has a 15 certificate which should indicate that it’s being aimed at the teen-scream audience and … Continue reading Rings – Review