Cell – Review

by Ren Zelen Directed by Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2) and apparently co-scripted by King himself, Cell brings yet another adaptation of a King best seller to the big screen, reuniting John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson after their first foray into Stephen King territory in Room 1408. John Cusack plays comic book artist Clay Riddell, whose cell-phone runs out of juice while he is … Continue reading Cell – Review


Morgan – Brand New Featurette!

Right, well, I’m just going to plug my ears, cover my eyes, shield ears, and refuse to take part in these shenanigans. That’s because I am sick to death of good movies being ruined before they come out! Morgan was mysterious. The first trailer – terrifying! Now I know more than I wanted to know. The no-longer-mysterious film revolves around a young woman who is … Continue reading Morgan – Brand New Featurette!


Bridget Jones’s Diary – Brand New Featurette

Only yesterday did we have a brand new featurette for Bridget Jones’s Diary (seriously, the title makes our brain hurt too.) So, naturally, we are going to get a whole new one just a day later. We are only 16 days away from the comedy sequel, so what can we expect? The latest outing sees Bridget, well, having a baby but it could be one … Continue reading Bridget Jones’s Diary – Brand New Featurette


Shut In – Brand New Trailer!

Naomi Watts is a fantastic actress. From 21 Grams to The Impossible, she has graced our screen with more indelible performances than anyone.  How she doesn’t have an award for her stirring work, we’ll never now! She definitely deserves tonnes! Anyway, Naomi Watts takes charge in the brand new trailer for Shut In. The thriller revolves around a New England nurse who is caught in … Continue reading Shut In – Brand New Trailer!


The Comedian’s Guide to Survival – Brand New Trailer!

When you appear on a television show, you can go in many directions: Instant fame and Hollywood, constantly appearing on the same show, or appearing on reality TV before absconding into obscurity. British TV seems to be worse – it’s really, really hard to break the chains of a famed character and you, usually, end up playing the same role repeatedly. So James Buckley, who … Continue reading The Comedian’s Guide to Survival – Brand New Trailer!


Deepwater Horizon – Brand New Featurette!

There have been plenty of ocean faring true stories out there and swishing their way to the big screen in hopes of making a big splash on the big screen! Now Deepwater Horizon adds to the depths of water disasters! Starring Mark Wahlberg, the film is based on the true story of a man-made disaster that occurred in the titular oil rig, stranded the Gulf … Continue reading Deepwater Horizon – Brand New Featurette!