Elle – Review

The opening scene of Elle throws you right into the disturbing chaos. Our lead character is raped by an intruder in her home leaving her bloodied and abused. As he leaves, she calmly collects herself, picks up the broken dishes, bathes, and wakes up the next day, carrying on relatively normal. Instantly, Paul Verhoeven’s work is already disturbing. Not because the character reacts to the … Continue reading Elle – Review

Nocturnal Animals – Review

by Scott Gentry By day, Susan (Amy Adams) is the proprietor of an astounding art gallery, surrounded by a stifling intellectual atmosphere within the Los Angeles art scene. By night, she harbours intense and complex emotions concerning her past, possibly fuelling her increasingly aggravating disorder as an insomniac – one which is beginning to threaten her marriage to Hutton (Armie Hammer), who is no longer … Continue reading Nocturnal Animals – Review

Your Name – Review

There are plenty of body swap films out there. And they all tell the same story. Two people living polar opposite lives wind up meeting by chance and lamenting about how the other has a better life. They wake up the next day and BAM they are all of a sudden in the body of another. First come hijinks and hoopla until the pair each … Continue reading Your Name – Review

BFI London Film Festival: Dearest Sister – Review

Supernatural elements have long been used to explore or expose social issues with in film. Films such as Rosemary’s Baby all revolve around the supernatural as well as a social human story. The same can be said for Mattie Do’s second feature length film Dearest Sister. The film gives us two strong female leads in a story that explores social class and women’s roles in … Continue reading BFI London Film Festival: Dearest Sister – Review

BFI London Film Festival: Before The Flood – Review

There are some topics that have general agreement in the academic community but the general public seem more divided on. The environment is definitely one of those topics. There are some that outright don’t believe that climate change is happening at all. Most people do accept that climate change is happening but there are some among them that believe it’s not nearly as bad as scientists … Continue reading BFI London Film Festival: Before The Flood – Review

BFI London Film Festival: Orange Sunshine – Review

There is that image of the sixties and seventies that rolls around popular culture. The free-loving and high folks gesturing for peace and gesticulating with one another as drugs surge through their bloodstream. Donned in hues of browns and oranges, these American kids explore psychedelics and more in order to open their minds to the world around them. Stereotypical, these are the thoughts that come … Continue reading BFI London Film Festival: Orange Sunshine – Review