Swiss Army Man – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Despite some people (myself included) claiming otherwise, we all need some form of emotional support around us in order to continue functioning as human beings. It is these close bonds that help keep us sane and give us meaning to continue with our daily lives. But what happens if you’re stranded somewhere and can’t find solace in your fellow man? You’ll turn to whatever you … Continue reading Swiss Army Man – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Free Fire – Review!

The Mexican Standoff is a tried and tested storytelling trope; it’s a great way to build tension while maintaining the dialogue necessary to give exposition to the story. Normally, the standoff lasts for a short while before someone shoots or chickens out, leaving the other parties to complete their task. But can you keep the tension and other elements of this storytelling technique and translate … Continue reading Free Fire – Review!

Fifty Shades Darker – The Blindfolded Review

Ah, the 50 Shades series. Never has a novel been more vilified by the population (though it’s probably a close call between that and the original books that inspired the series.) The story of sordid, steamy, sensual sex is what draws people to this curious phenomenon, yet very few people will actually admit to watching the films or reading the book. While one may ask … Continue reading Fifty Shades Darker – The Blindfolded Review

T2 Trainspotting – Review

Classic novels. Classic music. Classic Coke. Classic humous. The word classic is thrown around a lot these days. Made a good joke? Classic. Bob get wasted at a party and pass out? Well that’s classic Bob! But then we have a special phrase which is almost exclusively reserved for film. The ‘Cult Classic’. A film which epitomises a genre or stands alone amongst fans as … Continue reading T2 Trainspotting – Review

Legion – “Chapter 1” Review

If you want interesting superheroes, it is somewhat advisable to shun the big screen interpretations. The characters who appear on screen have to cram both plot and emotional development into a relatively scant two hours, as well as set up any future movies within the franchise. It’s a tough act to balance, and recently, some of the big name supers seem to have lost their … Continue reading Legion – “Chapter 1” Review

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Series Review

In 1999, an author named Lemony Snicket began publishing the tale of the Baudelaire Siblings, a trio of children who led a very unlucky life. The stories were collected under the title A Series of Unfortunate Events, and received great fame and popularity around the world and even had a film made comprising the first three tomes (though we probably shouldn’t mention that here.) Recently, … Continue reading A Series of Unfortunate Events – Series Review