Another Mother’s Son – Review

Some would argue World War II has been done to death on the silver screen. Yet, Another Mother’s Son is a tad different from the norm. At the forefront this is a fascinating, eye-opening and at times terrifying narrative exploring a part of history that all should be subjected to in order to learn from. Director Chris Menaul takes on this based on true events … Continue reading Another Mother’s Son – Review

Hidden Figures – Review

Anyone can be an engineer, can’t they? Anyone can be a scientist or a mathematician – what’s stopping them? Well, sadly, along with many other ludicrous laws in humanities history if you were a woman during the 60’s and a black one at that all of the above is completely and utterly out of reach. That is until our three ‘kick-arse’ leading ladies show the … Continue reading Hidden Figures – Review

xXx: Return of Xander Cage Review

In amongst all the outstanding award worthy scripts, performances and, indeed, tap dances, there is a little something lurking called the action flick. Big explosions, gunfights and a mindless special effects orgy is welcomed once in a while; if it actually has a semblance of story that is. If you can cast your mind back to 2002, where we were first introduced to Xander Cage … Continue reading xXx: Return of Xander Cage Review

La La Land – Review

La La Land is a heartbreakingly perfect musical number that is the ideal start to your 2017 cinematic journey. With possibly the best traffic jam sequence in film history; not to mention the insanely catchy song, from the first note this will have you tapping your toes and bopping your head whilst trying with all your might not to jump out of seat and twirl around … Continue reading La La Land – Review

Rupture – Review

‘People are the virus and we are the cure.’ We all know Noomi Rapace is no stranger to a demanding role. All the way from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (we all know the scene, don’t we?); there is no doubt of this woman’s talents. Appearing in a wealth of different films over the last five years, here she springs … Continue reading Rupture – Review

Train to Busan – Review

Latest action, horror flick to come out of South Korea is a non-stop, rabies infested train ride. Train to Busan takes hold of the Zombie and provides us with a cocktail of classic horror alongside a shot of something much more sinister, finished off with a deeply moving message at the bottom of this glass. Of course, this is a formula we are all familiar … Continue reading Train to Busan – Review