Held – Theatre Review

There’s a certain special feeling one gets when going to the theatre. The thrill of entering another world; seeing a narrative unfold in front of your very eyes, with sets and actors so wondrous that you never want to leave. Although, there is a whole other realm of theatre that contains stories that deal with everyday, real life, nitty-gritty truths that are called plays. No … Continue reading Held – Theatre Review

Brexitannia – East End Film Festival Review

The first thing you notice about this project is its lack of colour. Is this a revert back to old ways; are we now stuck in a winding spiral that’s reversing its way through time, instead of advancing forward? At first glance and by using such a technique it would seem documentary Brexitannia is learning towards one view. Yet, this presents a carefully balanced exploration … Continue reading Brexitannia – East End Film Festival Review

Access All Areas – East End Film Festival Review

Summer is fast approaching – sunshine, drinks in the park and of course festivals loom over as excitement and smiles spread across faces from ear to ear. For most of us music is a cathartic release; a form of escapism to shut the real world up for a bit and for rebel of a teen Mia it’s exactly that. Screening as part of the East … Continue reading Access All Areas – East End Film Festival Review

Destination Unknown – Review

The Holocaust – even the mere utterance of the dreadful event leaves you cold. Words such as horrific, inhumane and shocking spring to mind. This is undoubtedly an awful part of human history albeit an important one. Being enlightened about such ruthless human behaviour, one hopes it might aid us in not making the same mistake again down the line. Unfortunately, during the time we … Continue reading Destination Unknown – Review

Tomcat – Review

Everybody loves an adorable kitty cat, don’t they? What’s not to like? Big eyes, a soft rumbling purr and their fluffy fur getting everywhere – well, alright we could all do with a cat that doesn’t moult but you get the point. As the title suggests, Austrian film Tomcat (Kater) resolves around a feline called Moses and his owners, gay lovers Stefan and Andreas. Happiness … Continue reading Tomcat – Review