La La Land – Review

La La Land is a heartbreakingly perfect musical number that is the ideal start to your 2017 cinematic journey. With possibly the best traffic jam sequence in film history; not to mention the insanely catchy song, from the first note this will have you tapping your toes and bopping your head whilst trying with all your might not to jump out of seat and twirl around … Continue reading La La Land – Review

La La Land – Review

There’s a lot of detraction against the film industry. Many folks are dismayed about the industry and its state of affairs. Between over-inflated ticket prices, remakes and countless sequels, big movies telling the same story, and underwhelming blockbusters, it’s easy to feel uneasy about cinema and wane away from it. Movie obsessives and critics will throw back their arms at this proclamation and scream: “No!” … Continue reading La La Land – Review

The Nice Guys – DVD Review

There is something about 1970’s Los Angeles that seems to go hand in hand with Private Investigators so smoothly, you’d think it almost sacrilegious for either of the two to exist separately anywhere else. Of course, that’s clearly not the case, especially since PI’s and Chicago in the 60’s evokes a near identical sense of codependency. However, it is LA in 1977 that is the … Continue reading The Nice Guys – DVD Review

The Nice Guys – 70’s Trailer!

Ah the 70’s, a time when jeans were flared, disco reigned supreme and the drug culture was rampant in certain areas. It was also a time where the detective buddy movies reigned supreme. To hype up the release of one of the darkest, comedic films of the year (The Nice Guys) on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 26th, we’ve been given a brand new trailer … Continue reading The Nice Guys – 70’s Trailer!