Majora’s Mask: Terrible Fate – Short Film

Animated short films are making waves at the moment. From social media viewings to screenings at film festivals, shorts are captivating audiences like never before. With a category in the Academy Awards and many film studios accompanying their feature films with shorts, it is no wonder so many aim to make intriguing and accomplished short films. For fans of game series The Legend of Zelda … Continue reading Majora’s Mask: Terrible Fate – Short Film


Tim Burton: Vincent (1982)

Tim Burton is known for his love and dedication to stop-motion animation. With his tale of Jack Skellington being the first full length feature stop-motion film by an American studio, his name is synonymous with the medium. After penning, (but not directing) The Nightmare Before Christmas, he co-directed the feature film Corpse Bride, about a wayward groom who accidentally marries a dead girl. In 2012 … Continue reading Tim Burton: Vincent (1982)

No Guarantee Poster

No Guarantee – Short Film Review

Do you ever think that one day death not be such a finality? We all know that one day, our bodies are going to transgress, transform, and transcend into a different plane. A virtual one, perhaps? Where our consciousness leaves the mesh of bones and muscle and becomes part of the virtual world? It’s a scary but encompassing thought where technology could push us beyond … Continue reading No Guarantee – Short Film Review