Despicable Me 3 – Review

MINIONS!!!! Yep, it’s that time again. With two successful films and one unstoppable spin-off, the people that gave us Despicable Me and Minions are back. Gru, his girls and those tic-tac shaped troublemakers return for the third instalment in the Despicable franchise. Sadly, despite inclusion of the all the characters fans have come to love, Despicable Me 3 is overly complicated and lacking the humour … Continue reading Despicable Me 3 – Review

Ghostbusters – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

2016 was the year of stupidity. I think we can all agree on that. A shit-show of a year where hate and moronic behaviour won out over acceptance and love. Between Trump’s bewildering election to people literally being shot for existing, it just feels like we’ve gone backwards by massive leaps. On that list is the complete venom spat out at a bunch of ladies … Continue reading Ghostbusters – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Masterminds – Brand New Trailer!

Sometimes, it’s really hard to gage a comedy. Unlike dramas, comedy relies on some of the same tricks to keep it going. You’ll start to recognise patterns, lines and offense that should send you into a rip tickling raucous affair. See, you want to laugh but at the same time, you’ve seen it all before. So you’ll stay stoic, plum faced as your brain goes, … Continue reading Masterminds – Brand New Trailer!

Ghostbusters (2016) – Review

Reboots and remakes are traditionally quite hated on; their announcements and releases are met with sighs, groans, rants, and shouting. But never in the history of film has a reboot been so widely reviled than the new Ghostbusters movie. Ever since it’s announcement, this female led comedy has suffered so much abuse from fans and moviegoers alike, with it’s first trailer becoming the most disliked … Continue reading Ghostbusters (2016) – Review

Ghostbusters – Brand New Clips and Character Vignettes!

Who you gonna call? Well, this brand new bunch of ladies as the upcoming comedy film is heading our way with extra slime and ghoulies to spook us! Though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the film, some warranted concern and some absolute cry-babies, a brand new Ghostbusters is coming! For those who have absolutely no idea what Ghostbusters is (of which, I’ll assume that you … Continue reading Ghostbusters – Brand New Clips and Character Vignettes!