The Mummy – Brand New Trailer!

If ever there were a movie that needed a reboot, The Mummy would probably be somewhere low down the list. However, this being Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that this is exactly what has been done, further committing us to a future where originality is crushed under the heel of bland, repetition.

It should come as no surprise that this trailer is the most tediously banal thing I have seen in a while. Absolutely everything that appears within those two and a half minutes, which cannot be reclaimed, is little more than a series of shots that could describe half a dozen other films, along with what look to be bland, one dimensional characters.

Even the titular Mummy doesn’t appear to have any characterisation at the moment, merely having two short shots of random explosions happening behind her as she screams at the camera.

If this is Universal’s attempt at creating a shared universe, like that of Marvel and DC, they might want to consider going back to the drawing board and starting again from scratch…

The Mummy is out next summer.

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