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Barry – Brand New Trailer!

The past eight years have seen a generally well-beloved President in the White House, not only that, but Barack Obama was the first openly black President of the United States, a sign of how far we have come as a people after so many years of racist abuse (although, we still have far to go, let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet.)

As with so many influential figures, it was inevitable that we would see some form of dramatization and/or documentary on one of the most influential figures in recent history, and Netflix has stepped up to the plate with an account of Obama’s time as a student at Harvard Law School.

The latest trailer is filled with a mixture of moments of doubt, violence, positivity and overcoming adversity. It also manages to take the time and give us what is supposed to be the beginnings of his eventual campaign slogan “Yes We Can.”

Barry looks set to tell an interesting (if potentially lionised) account of Obama’s early years, it should be a fun and fascinating telling of the story.

Barry is out on Netflix December 16th!

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