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Nerve – Brand New Clips!

Truth or Dare was a game I can guarantee all of you played at some point. Especially has a hot blooded teen mooning over bottles of WKD and hoping someone dares you to kiss your crush. Instead, it’s usually flashing a bra or mooning in the garden and eventually, the game fizzled out of your life.

What if, in this cyber-world, it became a dangerous escalating game that could see you risk your life?

Nerve revolves around a young girl named Vee who is encouraged to live a little and play the titular game. After scooping up Ian, a random stranger, the pair take to the streets of New York to meet the demands of Watchers for cash. Only, the game soon gets bigger and deadlier…

The film does look good. But as with most films at the moment, there are too many clips and trailers coming out that dull the excitement somewhat. However, I have faith that Dave Franco and Emma Roberts will do the film justice.



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