Arifa – East End Film Festival Review

Usually in a movie, there is one scene that tells you why the filmmaker devoted blood, sweat, tears and coffee stains to bring their vision to the screen. In the London-based film, Arifa, it occurs late. Arifa (Shermin Hassan) is at a gym class when the tutor tells her that she can’t leave her bag on the floor. Arifa is incensed. She storms out, stuffs … Continue reading Arifa – East End Film Festival Review

The Other Side of Hope – Review

The films of Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki are instantly recognisable. They are minimalist and droll, with humour leaking out like air from a deflating tyre. Actors are often stationary in the frame, or their movements are singular, sitting up or walking then stopping. These movements are followed by a pause – a ‘what next?’ moment. When they speak, they often do so in a resigned … Continue reading The Other Side of Hope – Review

The Belko Experiment – Review

American cinema has produced many fine ‘workplace comedies’ – Office Space, Clerks, The 33 – well, that last supper scene, hallucinated by trapped Chilean miners was kind of funny. The fine ‘workplace horror film’ is in rather shorter supply – only The Exorcist springs to mind. Until that is writer James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) and director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) decided to have … Continue reading The Belko Experiment – Review