Paa Joe and the Lion – East End Film Festival Review

The connotations of a coffin in Western culture are negative ones. A place to lay the dead and something associated with tragedy and loss. In many Eastern and older cultures coffins, and indeed death, are handled and viewed differently. Although someone’s passing is still tragic, their death is treated as a step in a new journey. A funeral is more of a festival to celebrate … Continue reading Paa Joe and the Lion – East End Film Festival Review

Baby Driver – Review

by Ren Zelen It’s becoming easy to recognise a film by Edgar Wright – there are trademark aspects: a sense of wit, sharp editing, and a rousing soundtrack. Baby Driver, Wright’s first-ever solo screenplay, offers a premise that is a cinematic convention, but told in a wholly energising and original way. The action-movie potential of the virtuoso driver is hardly a new concept. It’s a … Continue reading Baby Driver – Review

God’s Own Country – Brand New Trailer!

If you want to find a film that addresses some of the deeper issues and social divides in life, don’t go to a multiplex and sit in a darkened room whilst stuffing down popcorn and watching the phones of the people sitting in front of you light up whenever they get a new mention on twitter. Instead, head off to your local independent cinema and … Continue reading God’s Own Country – Brand New Trailer!

Pitch Perfect 3 – Brand New Trailer!

Back in 2012, a musical sensation came into our lives. Just the right amount of satire and sass, Pitch Perfect produced finger-tapping numbers and made us all realise how much we all collectively adore Anna Kendrick. It’s follow up back in 2015 was…a lacklustre effort; a convoluted mess with little direction, making us worried for any future outing. Like this third one. The film revolves … Continue reading Pitch Perfect 3 – Brand New Trailer!

Sink – East End Film Festival Review

When people think of dramas centred around the working class in Britain, you think of EastEnders, gangster flicks, or kitchen sink dramas. The varying interpretations of working class people on TV and film range from gritty and naturalistic, to stylized and extreme. With new film Sink, director Mark Gillis takes his drama back to the more natural, if darker side of the spectrum. Focusing on … Continue reading Sink – East End Film Festival Review

Midnighters – Brand New Trailer!

New Year’s Eve is considered one of the best nights in the year, especially when there’s a whole year of beginnings, fresh starts, and resolutions. However, sometimes it can go terribly wrong… When a couple kill someone in a hit and run, they try to cover up the crime but, instead, invite themselves into a whole lot of trouble. Soon deceit and madness begins to … Continue reading Midnighters – Brand New Trailer!