The Rogue Table – Short Film

The Rogue Table follows John, a lazy “young professional” who couldn’t care less about life really. He works to eat, he works to drink and he works to party. Disregarding the feelings of his furniture has never been a massive deal for him but it has for his table. And now the table has got feelings…of revenge! Starring Vedi Roy Directed by Sarah Cook Written … Continue reading The Rogue Table – Short Film

The Belko Experiment – Review

American cinema has produced many fine ‘workplace comedies’ – Office Space, Clerks, The 33 – well, that last supper scene, hallucinated by trapped Chilean miners was kind of funny. The fine ‘workplace horror film’ is in rather shorter supply – only The Exorcist springs to mind. Until that is writer James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) and director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) decided to have … Continue reading The Belko Experiment – Review

The Bleeder – Brand New Trailer!

Who the hell goes up against Muhammad Ali and lives to tell the tale? Chuck Wepner does. The film revolves around the previous liquor salesman turned boxer who went 15 rounds against Muhammad Ali. In his entire career, Wepner suffered eight broken noses, fourteen losses, two knockouts, and a total of 313 stitches that would eventually inspire the Rocky franchise. But outside the ring, he … Continue reading The Bleeder – Brand New Trailer!

Let Her Out – Brand New Trailer!

Frightfest is coming! That’s right, everyone’s favourite horror movie festival is coming into this year with a whole heap of glorious darkness fwipping our way! On the hotly anticipated list of film, here’s Let Her Out! The film revolves around Helen who suffers from a traumatic accident who suffers a traumatic accident. As she records, she begins to experience strange black-outs and hallucinations. Soon she … Continue reading Let Her Out – Brand New Trailer!

Tonight She Comes – Brand New Trailer!

Here’s the brand new trailer for Tonight She Comes. No. Stop laughing. You’re an adult. I don’t want to hear any of this “That’s what she said” too. Just. I’ll wait for the giggling to subside. Are you nearly done? OK. Well, Tonight She Comes (straighten up now) is a very independent horror film revolving around a group of teenagers who Warning. Like major warning. … Continue reading Tonight She Comes – Brand New Trailer!