Legion – “Chapter 1” Review

If you want interesting superheroes, it is somewhat advisable to shun the big screen interpretations. The characters who appear on screen have to cram both plot and emotional development into a relatively scant two hours, as well as set up any future movies within the franchise. It’s a tough act to balance, and recently, some of the big name supers seem to have lost their … Continue reading Legion – “Chapter 1” Review

Legion – Brand New Trailer!

It’s no surprise to find that some of the best stories being told are on TV at the moment, the longer run time, combined with episodic content allows the exploration of character motivations and balance several plot strands at once compared to film’s requirement to wrap everything up in a neat little package within a two hour timeframe. When you combine this aspect with the … Continue reading Legion – Brand New Trailer!

Xavier’s School for Gifted Students – Promo!

It’s that time of year where a young person may want to lift off into a brand new school. Yes, as they grow up into the wide world, they may find themselves leaning towards more specified education. For those who have seemingly more powers than they know what to do with, there is one place where your specialities can be utilised for the greater good. … Continue reading Xavier’s School for Gifted Students – Promo!

X-Men: Apocalypse – “The History of Apocalypse” Featurette

…..What did I say yesterday? Exactly. There is going to be a lot more X-Men shenanigans as the movie is only a few weeks away! And now we have a brand new featurette. After the events of Days of Future Past, there is something stirring within the mutant community. Worshipped as a god since his birth, Apocalypse hunts down powerful mutants to become immortal and invincible. Recruiting … Continue reading X-Men: Apocalypse – “The History of Apocalypse” Featurette