Wonder Woman – Review

Though it may have die-hard fans, the DC Extended Universe outings have been met with a relatively tepid response. With Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad meeting plenty of detractors, especially from the press, it’s hard to feel excited for the release of a new film. Wonder Woman, despite having a particularly brilliant director and a leading cast member already celebrated for her performance of the … Continue reading Wonder Woman – Review

Victoria and Abdul – Brand New Trailer!

After Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria is probably Britain’s most beloved monarch. With a reign that spanned almost as long as our current ruler, and overseeing a large portion of the Industrial Revolution, she was a woman of many talents and opinions, as well as having a no nonsense attitude that riled up many of her advisers. The trailer for Victoria and Abdul attempts to capture … Continue reading Victoria and Abdul – Brand New Trailer!

Wilson – Review

The problem with Wilson, the second of Daniel Clowes’ graphic novels to be turned into a motion picture – his Ghost World was filmed by Terry Zwigoff in 2001- is that its curmudgeonly hero, known only by one name and played by Woody Harrelson, is essentially unrooted in recognisable reality. Wilson lives alone with his dog and has rejected the idea that life can deliver upon the … Continue reading Wilson – Review

Chris Pine – Wonder Woman Interview

It has become one of the biggest hyped films of the year. Following on from a tepid marketing campaign, controversial screenings (more on that later,) and great reviews for a DC film, Wonder Woman is now an exciting and kick-arse film that we can’t wait to see. The film revolves around a young warrior princess who is asked to help fight in World War 1 … Continue reading Chris Pine – Wonder Woman Interview

After The Storm – Review

Whilst any recollection of 2017’s Academy Awards will forever be marred by an unprecedented blunder, its selection of nominees for Best Picture remain a diverse array of emotionally charged and technically accomplished films. Amidst the glitz of La La Land, or the deafening horror within Hacksaw Ridge, one film firmly stood its ground: Manchester By The Sea. A relatively quiet, yet emotionally raw depiction, of … Continue reading After The Storm – Review

Access All Areas – East End Film Festival Review

Summer is fast approaching – sunshine, drinks in the park and of course festivals loom over as excitement and smiles spread across faces from ear to ear. For most of us music is a cathartic release; a form of escapism to shut the real world up for a bit and for rebel of a teen Mia it’s exactly that. Screening as part of the East … Continue reading Access All Areas – East End Film Festival Review