Another Mother’s Son – Review

Some would argue World War II has been done to death on the silver screen.

Yet, Another Mother’s Son is a tad different from the norm. At the forefront this is a fascinating, eye-opening and at times terrifying narrative exploring a part of history that all should be subjected to in order to learn from. Director Chris Menaul takes on this based on true events story penned by soap writer Jenny Lecoat and provides us with a compelling tale of bravery.
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The story follows Louisa Gould (Jenny Seagrove) whom, amongst the rest of the Island of Jersey is caught under Nazi regime and in a time that simply wasn’t easy for anyone. With both grown up sons out fighting the war Lou runs a local shop that keeps her village running, well on rations at least. When a close friend asks her to take in an escaped Russian POW (she names Bill upon not being able to pronoun given name) and help hide him from the dreadful, animalistic ways of the Nazi’s, her thoughts are with her sons and, for that reason, she simply cannot refuse this man clothes, shelter, and food. By doing so, however, she is constantly on edge and at times the tension that hangs in air after a knock on the front door is too much to bear. As her brother Arthur (John Hannah) finds out and people around her discover her secret a strong bond is formed, yet this bond can be so easily broken with a slip of the tongue to the wrong person.

John Hannah tackles his Arthur with ease and plays an essential role in this tale. Working in the post office where the Germans receive tips of who and where villagers are hiding people they shouldn’t, just as Lou does he can’t help but try and conceal such information from these ghastly people – until it is sadly too late.  Ronan Keating, nope not Diane Keating you did hear that correctly, showcases his talent as an actor and of course a singer. You have to give the man credit – when first seeing such a name attached to what one would say is a pretty heavy going subject matter it really could have gone either way. Thankfully, Keating proved himself and was a great assist to the cast here as the teacher come cousin that helps Lou as much as he can in protecting Bill.

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Above all else, this brings a real sense of humanity and loyalty to our screens. With such events taking place, divided neighbourhoods that were once to close that now bicker about things out of their control it is hard to loose ones way and simply be selfish in such a situation. However, this is where Lou proves herself – against all odds she sticks to her guns even if it does cost her everything imaginable.

Another Mother’s Son is a profound little film. With only a few clichéd moments that warrant a seat shuffle or an eye roll, this provides a heartfelt message that truly resonates.

Another Mother’s Son is out this Friday, 24th March 2017

One thought on “Another Mother’s Son – Review

  1. “Some would argue World War II has been done to death on the silver screen.” – WW2 films are my favourite, shhhhhhh I don’t want them to stop…


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