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BFI 60th London Film Festival – Teaser Trailer!

You can keep your Cannes and New York. For me, the greatest part of the cinematic year is the BFI London Film Festival, featuring the best and brightest in talent for 60 years.

Running from the 5th–16th October, this festival is going to feature 245 films in 14 cinemas all across the capitol from a variety of different directors and walks of life.

The short trailer released by the BFI gives naught but a small glimpse of some of the wondrous moments that are to be promised during these eleven days, but what it does show will catapult you towards extreme giddiness in mere milliseconds as clips from La La Land, A United Kingdom, Queen of Katwe and oh so many more attempt to squeeze their way into your eye sockets.

Every year, the quality of the films displayed is astounding and you are rarely disappointed by what’s on offer.

The BFI London Film Festival is running from 5th to 16th October.

Get your tickets now, before the We Make Movies on Weekends team snaps them all up!

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