War on Everyone – Review

Cop comedies…Ride Along, The Heat, The Other Guys – you name it, we have probably seen it. Although, it seems even though we have a plethora of such films the industry is still churning them out. Well, whatever gets bums on seats I guess. The architect behind Ned Kelly and the masterful Calvary, director, writer John Michael McDonagh adds a very different slice of film … Continue reading War on Everyone – Review

Collateral Beauty – Brand New Trailer!

There are many films that deal with the subject of death and Collateral Damage has splice it with A Christmas Carol sentiments. The film revolves around Howard, a man who recently lost his daughter. Whilst he attends therapy and tries to gain back his life, he falls further into depression with his friends trying desperately to reach him. To help get through his grief, he … Continue reading Collateral Beauty – Brand New Trailer!