Jungle – Brand New Trailer!

Whilst many will say that Jungle is Radcliffe’s first survival film, I would posit that it is in fact Swiss Army Man where he first showed off his ability to adapt and survive, albeit as a magic corpse. Jungle sees Radcliffe as the protagonist of a “True Story” (Gee Hollywood, why don’t you try being original for once?) where he and his friends are left … Continue reading Jungle – Brand New Trailer!

Swiss Army Man – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Despite some people (myself included) claiming otherwise, we all need some form of emotional support around us in order to continue functioning as human beings. It is these close bonds that help keep us sane and give us meaning to continue with our daily lives. But what happens if you’re stranded somewhere and can’t find solace in your fellow man? You’ll turn to whatever you … Continue reading Swiss Army Man – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Swiss Army Man – Review

The best black comedy movies always have the same two components that have developed the movie into success. First of all, a nugget of sentimentality and humanity pulsating in the bowels of the film is key. And, usually, what you find is that the whole idea circled around a joke. At one point, a few years ago, a couple of Dans got together and bounced … Continue reading Swiss Army Man – Review

Imperium – Brand New Clip!

One of the most disgusting and scary elements of humanity is racism. There are people out there who genuinely believe they are superior because they have white skin. Who still continue to judge and lament about other cultures as though theirs is better and the violence that comes from this hatred groups is completely terrifying. In film Imperium, these groups are explored. Imperium sees Daniel Radcliffe … Continue reading Imperium – Brand New Clip!

Imperium – Brand New Trailer!

Harry Potter and the White Supremacists is not exactly a title that J.K. Rowling ever produced but that’s the direction Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is going in his brand new film Imperium. Which, no, is not a Harry Potter spell (that’s imperius, guys.) Anyway, Imperium sees Radcliffe as Nate Foster, a young FBI agent who goes undercover to take down a right-wing terrorist group. Tackling … Continue reading Imperium – Brand New Trailer!

Now You See Me 2 – Brand New Trailer!

It does seem like there are a lot of sequels and reboots out there. Yawn. It’s as though Hollywood has run out of ideas and is piggy-backing off ideas they’ve already made successful. There is a magical fountain of original ideas that Hollywood to pool ideas from but it’s like they have no faith in unique ideas and new writers that they have tokeep churning … Continue reading Now You See Me 2 – Brand New Trailer!