The Glass Castle – Brand New Trailer!

Nothing affects us more than our parents. Maybe high-school, but the problems of our family are also the issues we carry in our life. For The Glass Castle, the film tackles this issues with great heart. The film is based on a memoir by Jeannette Walls and stars Brie Larson & Woody Harrelson. It depicts Jeannette’s life affected by her alcoholic father who moved them … Continue reading The Glass Castle – Brand New Trailer!

Free Fire – Review!

The Mexican Standoff is a tried and tested storytelling trope; it’s a great way to build tension while maintaining the dialogue necessary to give exposition to the story. Normally, the standoff lasts for a short while before someone shoots or chickens out, leaving the other parties to complete their task. But can you keep the tension and other elements of this storytelling technique and translate … Continue reading Free Fire – Review!

Free Fire – Brand New Trailer!

Have you ever wanted to shove a film in your eyeholes so badly that you are worried about going blind before you see the film? Like at that moment, nothing else matters bar watching the trailer over and over and over again? You want to snort lines, shot yourself up, and drown in a trailer and the film that’ll surely follow? Yeah. That’s how you’ll … Continue reading Free Fire – Brand New Trailer!

Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire to Close BFI London Film Festival!

We absolutely love BFI London Film Festival. Every single time we hear an announcement, we get so blissfully excited. First of all, hearing about Amma Asante’s fantastic A United Kingdom opening the festival and now we know exactly what’s closing the festival. BEN WHEATLEY’S FREE FIRE! Wait, sorry, professional. The upcoming heist thriller some the cult independent director is the third film Wheatley has showcased … Continue reading Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire to Close BFI London Film Festival!

King Kong: Skull Island – Brand New Trailer!

King Kong is one of those movie creatures that’ll probably exist in cinema for a very long time. Like his frenemie Godzilla, the original horrors of filmdom will stomp across our screens forever! Case in point. Kong: Skull Island is exploring that great furry menace yet again. But this brand new trailer is actually outstanding! Starring everyone’s favourites, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, the film … Continue reading King Kong: Skull Island – Brand New Trailer!

Room (2016) – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

There are spoilers here. The jaunty music rang out across the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood as the 87th Academy Awards were in full swing this past February. The song perhaps grated against the usual swell of classic film scores and elegance that populated grand events such as this. For keen ears, it is the music that  was uttered softly, in hushed pain, from the winner … Continue reading Room (2016) – DVD and Blu-Ray Review