9/11 – A Trailer Thing

You know when you see something and your immediate reaction is “No. Absolutely not. No way. Not by any means. Big no-no. Negative. Not today. Not tomorrow either. Never. No, this can’t be happening. Stop the presses. Cut the chord. Pull the train into the station. Reel it in, folks. It’s time to STOP”? Yeah. That’s the only reasonable reaction to this film. 9/11 – … Continue reading 9/11 – A Trailer Thing

Happy Death Day – New Trailer

Something about my desire to see this film makes my stomach turn. Just the thought that someone might look at me and say “Hey Robbie, what horror films are you looking forward to this year?” and with the pressure of their unprompted, specific question grinding down on me, I’ll have to look them in the eye and say “Happy Death Day” and ruin the friendship … Continue reading Happy Death Day – New Trailer

47 Metres Down – Review

Ever since the masterpiece that is Jaws graced our screens, big and little, many people have tried to replicate the magic that created a whole subgenre of film and left many people refusing to ever tip a toe in water again. 47 Metres Down  is the latest foray into Shark infested waters on film and like so many others, harks back to Steven Spielberg’s 1975 … Continue reading 47 Metres Down – Review

Get Out – Review

By Ren Zelen   In Get Out, writer-director Jordan Peele creates a truly nightmarish version of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? infusing it with social commentary, satire and nail-biting scares in a fresh, smart, and truly suspenseful debut feature. It’s his first notable creative foray outside comedy since Key and Peele folded in 2015. The story concerns Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who is invited by his girlfriend of five … Continue reading Get Out – Review

Proud Mary – Brand New Trailer!

When John Wick was released, we were all like “YAS KEANU!” With the impending release of Atomic Blonde, we’re all like “YAS CHARLIZE!” You know what is better than both this films combined?  Taraji P. Henson…. Now we’re getting her as an assassin in the movie Proud Mary. With a familiar feel of Jackie Brown and blackspoitation films, Proud Mary sees Henson kick some serious … Continue reading Proud Mary – Brand New Trailer!

My Friend Dahmer – Brand New Trailer

When it comes to serial killers, we tend to romanticise them in the sense that we see them as monsters: Detached from our own humanity and society so we can feel better about ourselves. It’s shocking to discover these people lived normal lives and  had normal relationships. Because knowing their could be a killer in your midst is terrifying. In My Friend Dahmer, the epitomes … Continue reading My Friend Dahmer – Brand New Trailer