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Chi-Raq – Brand New Trailer!

When a film gets released in a country several weeks or months before another, you are left with two choices; either wait and hope that you can avoid all spoilers and discussions about the film in question until it comes out in a cinema near you, or watch it illegally and potentially prevent another film by that visionary getting made due to lack of funds (or “interest” as Hollywood calls it.)

Such is the case with Chi-Raq, Spike Lee’s latest oeuvre. It was released almost a year ago in the USA, and has finally made it across the Atlantic to our shores.

The adaptation of Lysistrata looks set to marry the ancient play with modern day Chicago as a group of women try a unique way to try and stop the gang violence that plagues the city.

There is very little doubt that Lee’s film will be a poignant and moving think piece on racial tensions and black lives.

Chi-Raq is out in the UK December 2nd!

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