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I Am Not A Serial Killer – Brand New Trailer!

There are independent films that you just become obsessed with? Yeah, well, I Am Not A Serial Killer has been haunting our minds for a very long time.

I Am Not a Serial Killer revolves around Jon, a young teenager with admittedly homicidal tendencies. Working through his issues with his dismayed mother and a kindly therapist in tow, Jon has techniques and mantras to help work through his darker thoughts. However, he is still ostracised and bullied at school, fluctuating his patience. When a group of brutal killings happen across his small town of Clayton, Jon’s thoughts become more twisted as he is sent further to the edge of what’s acceptable. That is until he comes face to face with a whole new monster – one worse than his mind.

The more we think about this film, the more we appreciate it. We loved it at BFI London Film Festival, after all. What we can say, without giving too much away, is that Max Records is one of the best young actors upcoming and his performance against the magnificent Christopher Lloyd will outstand you!

I Am Not A Serial Killer is out Dec 9th 

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