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Beauty and the Beast – Brand New Trailer & Footage!

Disney’s new habit for re-imaging their Disney classics has become a bit of a bore. Just because one was successful doesn’t mean the others will be and, frankly, some are often better left alone. With this in mind, there is nothing stopping us feeling extra thrilled with the release of the Beauty and the Beast trailer and more footage.


The film revolves around Belle, an outsider to her home town, who becomes prisoner to a hideous beast to save her father. However, the beastly pair strike up an unusual companionship.

I’m warming around to the idea that Emma Watson is the new Belle and Dan Stevens is always great. This could be a charming and beautiful cinematic adaptation by Bill Condon. Plus, check out the clip for Gaston – like, it’s genius.

What do you think?

Beauty and the Beast is out 17th March 

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