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You’ve Been Trumped Too – Review

If you are anything like me, then tomorrow’s impending Presidential Election is causing regular on the hour panic attacks. Thought Hilary Clinton isn’t necessarily the world’s best bet, the thought that an orange genital wart that breeds hate within America is so close to become the fucking supposed leader of the USA rushes through me in bouts of alarming panic. There are things about Donald Trump that his supporters are blind too and, credit to his bloody PR machine, they are able to twist things in his favour: His tax evasions, sexual assaults, failing businesses, and short temper are apparently all marks of a great leader. Apparently.

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A small community in Scotland is a small example of the ruin that Trump will leave America in. And filmmaker Anthony Baxter isn’t going to let it slide. The follow-up to his acclaimed documentary You’ve Been Trumped, aptly adding a Too at the end of it, Baxter showcases the exact amount of tyranny that the Republican candidate bestowed on the town of Balmedie, Scotland.

Ten years ago, Trump decides that he wants to build his expensive gold course on the glorious and golden sand dunes of Balmedie. The residents, who had lived there for years, refused to relocate and sell their land so the billionaire man-child decided to unleash a campaign of manipulation and intimidation on the residents. Consistently slagging them off to press – calling them pigs – and used brainwashed executives to twist the story, including his rat of a son Donald Trump Jr.

Look, one always says that you have to be kind to those you hate, and not to give anyone a reason to scorn you. Or something like never rising to meet something blah blah blah. But you’ll be filled with complete and utter rage. It’ll consume you. That a man, a grown man, would plague a small town because he couldn’t get exactly what he wanted and cut off their water supply. The residents, which include Michael and his 92 year old mother Molly have lived five years with water from a well and boiling it to wash, cook, and clean. All the while, Trump’s company deny any wrong doing and, really, it’s Michael and Molly who are the losers.

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Baxter greatly frames the issue in Scotland with Trump’s maddening election campaign from announcement, to nomination, right to last month where he was gaining more traction in his campaign. Populating the screen are people who are so deluded by whatever comes out of his mouth that even when Baxter confronts them with what Trump has done, they shrug it off. They’ll do anything as long as they can rampage with their hate speech.

You’ve Been Trumped Too work to tell you the obvious truth: Donald Trump is a bully and he will stop at nothing to downsize the little people. He feeds on money and power. He’ll assault, rape, pillage, rob, and manipulate others out of their belongings to feel better about himself. He absolutely doesn’t care about you, or anything. This is probably some glorious bet he made with his rich pals and Baxter’s documentary is proof of that. If he can’t have anything, then he’ll stop at nothing to belittle you and force you to be culpable.

He. is. just. the. worst.

Watch this film and support these Scots who are still fighting back in the capacity they can. And if you want more reason, they are the Scottish people who flew Mexican flags when he visited this year!

You’ve Been Trumped Too is in select cinemas now! 

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