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Bleed for This – Brand New Clip!

Miles Teller isn’t a stranger to passionate and driven roles. The performer really made his name in the phenomenal film Whiplash as a drummer who would do anything to become famous, including butting heads with his tutor. Teller has had a few bad and garishly boring films BUT he’s always been brilliant in them.

Now his pumped up look and dedication to the craft gains attention in the trailer for Bleed for This.

Starring alongside Aaron Eckhart and Ciaran Hinds, Bleed For This sees Miles Teller literally commit to the title. He performs as Vinny Pazieza, a real-life middle-weight boxer who breaks is neck in a car accident. For many, that would mean their sporting career – particularly in contact sport – is over. For Vinny, he decides that, despite the broken neck, he wants to continue boxing and strives to be champion again.

The young actor is always best when he is giving his all and he ABS-olutely is doing so in this brand new trailer. Maybe he’ll get the recognition he deserves, finally proving his worth against the heavy-weights of the industry.

Bleed For This is out December 2nd 

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