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Gifted – Brand Trailer & Clips!

Chris Evans has spent the last few years proving that he’s one of the best people ever, from saving the world as Captain America to being an all round wonderful guy in real life, and now he’s taking on something a lot more dramatic in Marc Webb’s Gifted.

Frank (Evans) is a deliberate underachiever, raising his niece Mary following the death of his sister. After proving in school that she’s excellent at maths, her headteacher deems her gifted, and suddenly all sorts of opportunities are thrust her way, but Frank is adamant to deny them all and keep her childhood simple. Her grandmother disagrees, and Frank must fight for custody of his niece and her right to enjoy her childhood.

This film looks utterly fantastic; the trailer & clips alone tell you that this is definitely a one sided film, with many things to be considered from both arguments, that will hopefully make the drama all the more gripping. Evans is a terrific actor, and he’s joined by the ever so talented Octavia Spencer, and what looks to be a scene stealing performance from Mckenna Grace who, at only ten years old, already has a great career behind her. Gifted looks to be a conflicting, harrowing but heartwarming film.

Gifted is out in the UK June 16th 2017

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