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Max Payne: Retribution – Trailer Announcement

Hollywood tried to make a film based on the Max Payne game series once. It was a disaster. And for a while, it looked like we might not get another movie starring the hardened anti-hero, but never underestimate the power of dedicated fans, as ambitious director Leroy Kincaide debuts the trailer for his new fan film this Sunday.

Kincaide was keen to retain the essence of the popular video games, but also drew inspiration from action films like The Equalizer and the modern classic John Wick (which, funnily enough, has a nightclub sequence very similar to one in Max Payne 3). The film will follow the characters, world and storylines of the first two games, whilst also taking it’s own original approach to the material, in a film that might finally give gamers the satisfaction that Hollywood failed to give them.

Kincaide said of the film: “It feels so great to see the project finally come to life, but also being able to contribute to the legacy that is Max Payne. Being such a huge part of my teenage years it gives me great pleasure to still see so many fans support the games and project. I want to also give huge thanks to Sam Lake and Remedy Entertainment for bringing such a legendary game into our lives- it really has been one of the main reasons I want to pursue my career as a Film Director.”

Production started in 2014, when Kincaide and producer Chloe Chudasama raised £1500 via Indiegogo, and their cast and crew have come from all over the country to shoot this ambitious project, including an action sequence that took 20 hours in total. They’ve found support from the likes of Kathy Tong, who was the photographic model for Mona Sax in Max Payne 2, and the Payne Reactor, the Rockstar supported Max Payne fan club. They said of the film: “The release of the trailer for MAX PAYNE RETRIBUTION is a turning point in Max Payne history. A valuable addition to the long running legacy, the cast and crew of RETRIBUTION are clearly aiming to release a cinematic noir experience like no other fan movie has done so before. ”  

Max Payne Retribution is an exciting prospect that you can finally see the trailer for on October 30th.

Max Payne Retribution is out 2017! 

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