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Doctor Who Christmas Special – First Look

Doctor Who is still as popular as ever amongst it’s fandom, but low ratings and a decline in quality have definitely plagued the show over the last few years. It returns this Christmas for another adventure starring Peter Capaldi, and the BBC have given us a first look at The Return of Doctor Mysterio. This is mostly behind the scenes footage; shots of crew members putting sets together, the cast (Mainly Matt Lucas, who may be playing the same character he played last Christmas but I have no clue) joking around on set, and then interspersed with actual footage from the episode, which for some reason includes a man in a superhero outfit.

It’s really hard to make a call on whether or not this looks good or bad, but it most definitely looks silly, which is often not a good thing on Doctor Who these days. Oh well, bad Doctor Who Christmas specials are somewhat of a tradition now anyway.

This is normally where I’d write the release date, but I’m sure you can guys can work that one out.


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