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Trolls – Ariana Grande Music Video

I got this feeling, inside my bones…It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on…

Oh, are we not singing Justin today? That’s a pity. Almost all of the marketing material for Trolls thus far as centered around Justin Timberlake’s admittedly overplayed but frankly brilliant party track Can’t Stop The Feeling, but now it’s time for another artist to shine, as the latest trailer acts as music video for Ariana Grande’s new song They Don’t Know.

The song is decent enough; it’s likely one that will get better as it goes along, but you probably won’t hear too much of it with Can’t Stop the Feeling around. It’s certainly not as memorable or upbeat as Timberlake’s track, and it’s clear why it hasn’t been used yet, but by no means is it bad. I can’t lie, Trolls looks pretty fucking good. It’s easy to write it off as another sub par kids movie, and the final product may well be, but so far it looks to be genuinely funny, genuinely sweet, and genuinely worth your time.

Trolls is out October 21st

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