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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Brand New Trailer!

Going rogue is the new black!

That’s right, going underground and away from corrupt government agencies is the new thing for sexy and suave spies and Jack Reacher is also tackling the phenomenon in his latest romp.

Never Go Back, alarmingly not a dance competition film featuring Tom Cruise, revolves around our least favourite spy uncover a shady plot and must go on the run/or run to save the world.

Honestly, this looks like every spy or rogue agent movie that you’ve seen ever. But damn, people will pay money to see the actor wrap his chops around cheesy dialogue whilst he breaks bones! Also, can we just say that the poster looks like Tom Cruise and Colbie Smulders are doing some sort of illicit tango!

Jack Reacher is out 21st October 

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