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Dog Eat Dog – Brand New Trailer!

Anything with Nicolas Cage in is worth, at the very least, a cursory glance. This becomes doubly so if you subscribe to the theory that the majority of his movies are actually Cage being followed by someone with a camera and editing everything that happens into a coherent narrative.

Using this hypothesis, the latest trailer for Dog Eat Dog becomes an almost hyperkinetic feast of insanity with the power trio of Cage, Willem Defoe and Christopher Matthew Cook playing the protagonists of the story as they are hired to kidnap a baby in a plot showing some vague similarities to the Coen Brother’s Raising Arizona.

Directed by Paul Schrader (the man who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull) the entire affair looks set to evoke a darkly comic farce from the proceedings.

Of course, the most concerning thing about the trailer comes in the form of Cage playing the straight man to a psychotically deranged Defoe…

Dog Eat Dog is out in cinemas November 11th!

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