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Miss Sloane – Brand New Trailer!

Politics is a filthy business, a system that harms the less fortunate, whilst the upper class grow fat upon the corrupt teat of big business. At least, that’s what the latest trailer for Miss Sloane would like you to believe

Taking the controversial topic of gun control and placing it into a tense looking thriller, the latest trailer attempts to inject some tension into the proceedings by having Jessica Chastain likening lobbying congress to a game of chess. Despite this, the overall effect comes across as flat, with very little being conveyed in the minute and a half segment.

Despite all this, the characters and subject matter offer a great chance to create a healthy and open debate on the subject matter, and the various aspects of the plot evoke strains of Russell Crowe’s The Insider mixed with House of Cards-esque political intrigue.

If it’s willing to take risks, Miss Sloane could easily be one of the most gripping films of the year. If it doesn’t then it will likely be relegated to being yet another half-hearted strike at an industry that holds great sway all over the world.

 Miss Sloane is out later this year.

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