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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Season 2 Trailer!

Occasionally, a television show is so good that it wriggles inside your mind for a while. With no hope of letting go, you are subjected to replaying the scenes, the moments, and the jokes around in your head until the day you die (or anther television show comes along and takes over.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of those shows. The black comedy surreal musical made waves, scored awards, and had a whole legion of fans when it was released last year and now, praise, is back for a second season.

Crafted by Rachel Bloom, the mastermind behind Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury, the series follows the life of disjointed lawyer Rebecca Bunch who has travelled across America to follow her old camp sweetheart. Trying to win his affections, she gets into a whole series of mishaps – set to the melodious tunes in her head…

The character is deplorable. The situations are hilarious. And the songs as catchy as hell. Yes, we need this inserted into us!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 is out October

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