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USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage – New Trailer

Nicholas Cage: Good or Bad? I’ve always wanted to know. Even in his award winning, more serious roles, something of the absurd shines through. So casting him in a film about real life tragic events is surely a bit of a gamble? By the looks of the trailer for Men of Courage, Mario Van Peebles is a gambling man.

The real events that took place on the USS Indianapolis are catastrophic and heart breaking. Only three hundred and sixteen crew members survived it’s sinking; the other, nearly nine hundred men either drowned, succumbed to exposure and dehydration or were killed by sharks. So a film portraying this horrific story needs to honour the memories of the brave men who lost their lives. Therefore there is a certain amount of risk being taken on before filming even begins. Like I said, maybe he should be called Mario Van Bet-All. Haaaaaaaaaa.

The trailer certainly doesn’t do the story justice. Dodgy CGI, a clichéd script and the sense that you have in essence seen the whole film condensed down into three short minutes – these things do not encourage a big box office success. Casting Nicholas ‘freakin’ Cage as the lead, however, certainly adds an element of risk and the unknown, which might just be enough to get people involved.

Men of Courage has no official release date! 

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