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BFI London Film Festival presents LFF Connects

One of the most exciting events from the film industry is coming!

Yes the BFI London Film Festival is just over a month away and we’re scouring the insides of our wallets just so we can get tickets to the event. With movies such as A United Kingdom, Free Fire, and Lion already announced as pivotal moments within the festival, we cannot wait to get out mitts on the latest and greatest films.

What’s more, BFI have announced an abundance of created events for makers of Film, TV, Music, Art, and Games as the festival presents LFF Connects. Highlights of these events include:

  • Black Mirror co-creators Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and Director Joe Wright with European Premiere of new episodes
  • VFX legend Dennis Muren, David Vickery and Kevin Jenkins from Industrial Light & Magic
  • Video Games pioneer David Cage (Quantic Dream) and Jonathan Ross
  • Spectacular live events at BFI IMAX featuring:
  • speculative architect Liam Young,  electronic producer Forest Swords, director Takashi Makino and composer Simon Fisher Turner
  • hip hop star DJ Yoda with award-winning beatboxer Reeps One
  • Immersive Film with trailblazing artist Lynette Wallworth

Head to the BFI website now to see what you can enjoy over October as the festival wings its way to audiences. What will you be attending.


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