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Pet – FrightFest Review

Coming out of the weekend, pouring out of VUE Shephard’s Bush, red-eyed horror fans who have spent their time traipsing through the dark heart of cinema. As the red stuff splattered in copious amounts on the big screen and the ghosts and monsters romp gleefully, those with a nervous disposition stayed away whilst many feasted on the plentiful horrors on show.

Yes, it’s that time of the year where we say goodbye to Horror Channel’s FrightFest and there was a lot of greatness. But a standout stalker horror was certainly Pet.

The film revolves around the meagre Seth who works as a security guard/caretaker for a dog shelter. Skimming through the city, barely unnoticed, he lives a quiet existence that is piqued when he comes across an old school “friend” (acquaintance, random person he is slightly obsessed with) Holly. Soon he becomes desperate to seek her attention but when his attempts are thwarted, he takes drastic measures. What measures, you may ask? Yeah, he kidnaps her and locks her in a cage at the kennels. There, however, he is about to found out that with Holly, he has bitten off more than he has bargained for.

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As Seth, Lord of the Rings’ alumni Dominic Monaghan regales the creepy essence of perpetrators and stalkers. Parts Ralph Fiennes in Red Dragon, and definitely reminiscent of killers such as The Fan and Fear, Monaghan twists his presence accordingly and it’s squeamish to watch. Not because of blood or murders, but because of his awkward demeanour and his near ostracising from society that has left him unhinged. Unrecognisable from his more famed roles, you’ll squirm over Monaghan’s Seth.

Really this Ksenia Solo’s triumph as the bewildered and captured Holly. She is ever so faceted, indicative of every woman character, spliced with dashes of Gone Girl and Captivity spliced with her own original spin on a female victim. She owns the scenes that she is in and encompasses a whole tirade of emotion from innocence, to fear, to intimidation, and to control. Solo is miraculous and effervesces off the screen in a redolent and magnificent way. She is truly, sorry, captivating to watch and this is revealing of her great talent!

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Pet is a perturbing horror that has enough twists to keep you invested. As the story progresses, you’ll be immersed in a peculiar tale that shifts the agency of victim and murderer in a glorious way. With grim gory, the film is largely character driven and that’s the brilliance of it all. As Solo and Monaghan electrify their dialogue with emotion and a beguiling power-play, you’ll be immersed in the sinister world. There are a few dull notes – moments of predictability and a similar set-up to a lot of horrors – yet with enough intellectual direction by Carles Torrens and an initially brilliant script by Jeremy Slater, Pet true masters the lines of trashy gore and entertaining semantics. An entertaining thrill ride, you won’t be caged within this grim relationship that will give you a lot of paws for thought….


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