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Kubo and the Two Strings – Brand New Featurettes!

Kubo and the Two String is set to be Laika’s most successful animation film. The story looks exhilarating, the heart seems pulsating throughout, and the annimaton. Wow. Stop motion is still an exhilarating craft!

Here’s some more featurettes to convince you – you have to watch this film!

The plot follows the titular character, a kind boy from a simple Japanese town, as he goes on a quest to save his family from a vengeful demon (which Kubo accidentally released – oops). Teamed with Monkey and Beetle, Kubo must fight gods and monsters in order to fulfil his destiny. Armed with only his magic two-stringed shamisen, I have to wonder – will Kubo be a real guitar hero? We’ll have to wait till summer to find out.

In case you missed it, here’s another look at Laika’s 18 foot puppet which is the largest in stop motion history. There’s also a lovely featurette on the myth the film is based on!


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