Live Jazz at 606 Club to Celebrate Miles Ahead.

Walking the glorious streets of Chelsea on a sun-soaked day, and you cannot miss the small 606 Jazz Club nestled in one of the great streets.

Actually, you can. You really can. But it is a brilliant space nonetheless that captures a speakeasy vibe as you totter into an underground cove of musical treasure. Tightly spaced may allude to cramped and awkward seating postitions yet the small and coveted place offered the perfect setting for an evening of jazz.

To celebrate the release of Miles Ahead, directed by Don Cheadle who also stars as the famed yet troubled jazz musician, the 606 Club played host to a collection of film journalists and budding music enthusiasts to marry both the love of the trumpet and the art form of cinema.

With beautiful live music from The Martin Shaw Quartet, the night was a smooth celebration of jazz and the world of Miles Davies. As the film rolled on, you cannot help wonder about a tortured man who gave his soul, pain, and love to the music. And as the notes electrified the atmosphere, made brooding by table top candles and burgundy décor, the night was a joyous and provoking one.


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