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Girl Asleep – Brand New Trailer!

“A blend of Napoleon Dynamite and Where The Wild Things Are by way of Wes Anderson.”

We didn’t know it until now but those are some very magically words to get us invested in a film. What’s more, having the whole heap of critical acclaim and furore that Girl Asleep has means we have to watch it as soon as we can!

The film revolves around Greta Driscoll who is on the cusp of turning 15. Not being able to cope with leaving her childhood behind, her bubble of loserdom is about to burst an send her crashing into a parallel universe that is erotc, violent, and ludicrous.

I often think that the more surreal a teenager film is, then the more accurate it is going to be. After all, the big bag of hormones and imagination that surrounds 15 year old girls is a delicately weird one. And Girl Asleep looks to nail that completely.

What do you think?


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